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  • Armed Guards

  • Unarmed Guards

  • Patrol & Plain Clothes

  • Executive Protection

  • Event Security

  • Custody Transport

  • Executive Air Travel

  • Secured Limo Transport

  • Offroad Response Vehicles

  • Maritime Travel

  • Security Guard Training

  • Executive Protection

  • Firearms Training

  • Tactical Training

  • Risk & Threat Analysis

  • Hostile Terminations

  • Corporate Security

  • Economic Risk Assessments

  • Private Investigations

  • Background Checks

  • Fraud & Workers Comp







Iron Wall employs investigators all over the state of California. Our lead investigator is considered the best Private Investigator in San Diego. We focus on investigations that require experienced & professional investigators. We cover all types of investigations with particular expertise in: surveillance, forensic accounting, and location services for corporations and high net-worth individuals.


What differentiates ourself from other patrol and guard companies is PEOPLE, PROCESS, and PRODUCTS.



We employ military, law enforcement, and martial artists. We pay our Security Officers ~25% higher than other companies and put them through rigorous and continuos training.



Our Company Moto is: Be Visible, Be Intentional, and Be Above Reproach. Everything we do, we do for a reason; our process is detailed through very specific 'Standard Operating Procedures'.



Our people are our real product. Additionally, we are the only security provider in California with specific programs for different business. Different businesses need different security so we offer programs including: Corporate Packages, HOA Package, Retail Package, Bar & Restaurant Package, and Education Packages.


Protection & Tactical

What Iron Wall is famous for is it's Protection and Tactical Services. We are affiliated with the only Executive Protection (EP) Training program in the U.S. that is accredited through a College and funded through GI Bill grants. Iron Wall EP Officer's are former special forces or operators from other non-military government agencies. This is where we shine. A truly case-by-case analysis is created for each client to meet the needs of any job: VIP protection, event security, custody transport, asset retrieval, international escort, residential & commercial security audit, threat analysis, hostile terminations and more.


Iron Wall derives of 50% of its revenue from training. That makes us uniquely qualified to be some of the best security providers. Most courses fall into four categories: security guard training, executive protection training, firearms training and tactical training.


Iron Wall is the only security firm in California with a aviation division. Our subsidiary STAT AIR services clients security needs in executive travel, international travel, minors transport and tactical missions. Iron Wall Transportation Services also has a fleet of executive transport services including: limos, Teslas, Suburbans; off-road response vehicles, and a speed boat. Whether you need ground, maritime or air transport, Iron Wall has got you covered.

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